Serial Killer Ted Bundy Talks Pornography In Last Interview

Pretty interesting stuff, huh?

Now, keep in mind that the last thing we want people to think after watching this video is that we are saying that pornography makes you a serial killer. It doesn’t and the odds are it won’t ever. That’s ridiculous. We are not here to use scare tactics. Our mission from the beginning has been to raise awareness on the harmful effects of pornography using science, research and personal accounts. Well, this is a pretty strong personal account.

Ted Bundy’s sincere, personal account about how pornography affected his mind, his perceptions and ideals is intense to say the least.

And the fact that a person like Bundy, sitting on death row, having been desensitized by years of rape and murder, used his final interview to warn society of the harmful effects of pornography, says something.

If you think porn is as harmful as we do, share this post. Let’s flood social media with this compelling account of how pornography is an escalating addiction that leads to nowhere good.

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Tale as old as time.

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"The beauty of brokenness is that God can put the pieces back together." Jeremiah 17:14

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9 things you didn’t know about Pixar (by Disney Insider)

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Disney Channel: I am a Princess - YOU are a Princess - Disney Channel Official (1:01)

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I miss this show so much

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